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HoosierFund. Helping Indiana governmental entities maximize returns every day.

The HoosierFund is a statewide investment pool, managed and administered by CRF Financial Group, Inc., designed to help Indiana governmental entities increase interest earnings on their short term cash balances. 


HoosierFund Participants benefit from the economies of scale generated by the combining of short term funds of its’ entities into a larger common investment pool.  Interlocal government cooperatives, such as the HoosierFund, are allowed by Indiana statute IC 36-1-7 and all investments are made in accordance with IC 5-13.  The HoosierFund’s investment objectives are based on prudent, legal and suitable investment guidelines for public funds with safety and preservation of principal the first and foremost objective; followed by daily liquidity, and competitive rates.  All funds are held by the Custodian bank, US Bank N.A. for the benefit of the Participants.




Our Mission

The mission of the HoosierFund is to invest funds of Indiana’s governmental entities in a legal, prudent and suitable fashion, maintaining safety of principal, allowing daily liquidity, providing competitive interest rates, and delivering a high level of service to all participants.



The success of our mission will be achieved by:

  • Promoting fiscal responsibility through compliance with all state and federal regulations

  • Responsively addressing the specific needs of every Participant

  • Communicating information in an accurate and timely manner

  • Promoting the growth of Participants and assets




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