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Opening your account is simple! In just four easy steps your government can open up a HoosierFund account.


Each Participant may open more than one account with variable account access privileges. We are glad to help you complete this application process. Give us a call at 317-844-8077 or 877-777-9261 and we will assist you through this process. 

#1. Review the Indenture of Trust
Review the HoosierFund Interlocal Agreement. This document spells out the legal authorization of the HoosierFund, its operational guidelines, the role of the investment advisor and administrator, its investment policies, limitations on liability, interest of Participants, Share information, Participant information, issues related to the Participants, net asset value determination, and Custodian duties and amendments.
Click the above Interlocal Agreement button to view the document.

#2. Adopt a Resolution
In order to approve the use of the HoosierFund, your governmental entity must pass an authorizing Resolution and sign the Participant Certificate.
Click the corresponding buttons to view the Resolution or the Participant Certificate.

#3. Set up a New Account
Upon authorizing the use of the HoosierFund, simply fill out the Master Account Agreement form. This form includes the wire instructions for the HoosierFund.
Click the Master Account Agreement Form button to view the form.

#4. Send in your documents
After the Interlocal Agreement is adopted and signed, the Participation Certificate is signed and the Master Account Agreement form is completed, send the documents to: 








c/o: Curt Fritsch
9247 N. Meridian St. Suite 125
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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